How Your Website Can Easily Become a Lead Generation Magnet

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(Ad) More leads mean more potential customers, which in turn means more potential revenue. That’s why generating leads should be a top priority for any business.

Lead Gen Marketing Challenges

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61% of marketers feel that generating leads is their biggest challenge!

The best lead generation websites focus on the content and the leads that follow. Many things go into making a lead generation magnet, but the number one thing is creating high-quality content. Once you have that sorted, you can start exploring the other facets of what makes a great B2B lead generation website.

Lead Gen Budget Allocation

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And as you can see from the graphic above, many companies are allocating a substantial amount of their budgets to lead generation. Around 53% of marketers spend half their budget on finding high-quality leads!

Now, given that lead generation is challenging and resource-intensive, there are many effective strategies to implement. Your biggest asset is your website, and learning how to convert it into a lead generation machine can help you manage your costs and get more revenue!

Let’s discuss 10 ways you can do this.

10 Tips to Make Your Website A Lead Generation Powerhouse

Tip #1: Leverage Live Chat Services On your website

To get ahead of your competition, instant communication is imperative. Live chat is an effective and convenient way to communicate with website visitors.

Implementing a chatbot on your website signals visitors that you are instantly available to solve any queries that might arise then and there. A simple greeting via a chatbot is an excellent way to signal your availability.

You can even create a visual menu within the chat window to help with navigation to the most frequently asked questions.

Lead Gen Chatbot

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You can request a visitor’s contact information via the chatbot and even have them opt-in for SMS, messenger, or email updates.

Last but not least, you can use the captured bot analytics to identify product opportunities, traffic insights, and more!

Tip #2: Increase your credibility by adding testimonials

The ultimate social proof is customer testimonials. And potential customers, more often than not, look up reviews before making a purchase.

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. A starting point for gathering testimonials is to allow customers to post reviews on your Google business page. You can also –

  1. Email satisfied customers asking for a review
  2. Have your account managers ask for testimonials
  3. Have a form on your website where customers can leave testimonials
  4. Float a survey among your customers to gather their feedback
  5. Share your testimonials on social media for added social proof

Tip #3: Offer a Free Tool or Trial

For B2B companies, one of the best lead generation strategies is to offer a free tool. By offering free a tool or trial, you are allowing your leads to test a product before they purchase and by giving them an awesome incentive to seamlessly opt-in to your sales funnel.

Tip #4: Optimize your website for SEO

SEO is a fantastic B2B lead generation tool. It refines web pages to improve their ranking on search engine results pages, thereby leading to more clicks and potentially more leads.

Lead Gen Biggest Impact

Source: Keap

Doing an SEO audit of your website and identifying gaps is a good starting point. An audit can reveal that you need more SEO-optimized content around a particular topic.

You can address this gap by creating a blog and inserting the most relevant keywords upon proper keyword research. Formatting the blog with headers and subheaders will provide great SEO and make the content easy to digest.

You can also use SEO to create an internal and external linking strategy and increase your website speed.

Tip #5: Offer downloadable content on your blog and other aspects of your website

Lead Gen Blog Inbound Traffic

Source: Keap

Blog posts are a great way to generate traffic to your website, especially if coupled with SEO. Blogs are also a great way to generate leads from your website if you offer visitors downloadable content such as eBooks, whitepapers, and infographics in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. The intent is to provide value.

Depending on the content, you can strategically place a form towards the end of the blog that prompts the reader to learn more about the topic by downloading the collateral.

You can also place call-to-action buttons across multiple web pages to encourage downloads through landing pages.

Tip #6: Optimize each step of the lead generation process

Leads go through a natural progression through the marketing funnel – top, middle, and bottom.

Each stage of the funnel needs a different lead generation strategy driven by high-quality content.

Lead Gen Process

Source: Outbrain

Top of the funnel content is usually broad, and this can be in the form of brochures or general overview content on your website.

The middle of the funnel will include more detailed information like whitepapers.

And the bottom of the funnel will have case studies and other proof points.

80% of your content across each stage should aim to inform, entertain and educate, whereas the other 20% should be used to promote your business.

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