Andover Audio Unveils The One E Turntable Music System

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We reported recently on the new +Audio +Record Player Special Edition White that offers a complete system in one component, including a Pro-Ject designed turntable and Bluetooth connectivity.

+Audio isn’t the only company walking down this path. Andover Audio has had a similar product available for over a year, the Andover-One which also retails for $1,999.95 USD.

We can think of a few high-end systems that we could assemble for $2,000 in 2022 that would likely offer superior performance and connectivity, but these systems would have at least 4 or 5 components (including a pair of loudspeakers) and multiple sets of cables.

The Andover-One E was created for a different type of customer who is looking for a rather impressive sounding all-in-one package for under $1,500.

Andover-One E Turntable Music System

Andover-One E Overview

The Andover-One “E” pulls from the core design of the Model-One, but at a lower price point ($1,499.00), and with the same physical footprint. It also comes with a free Songbird music streamer for a limited time (more on that later). 

Pro-Ject Turntable

The Andover-One E features a Pro-Ject belt-drive turntable with a steel platter and pre-set counterweight—ready to go without assembly. 

Note: Exact Pro-Ject Turntable model information not provided. 

Ortofon Cartridge

Ortofon cartridge on Andover-One E Turntable Music System

The Andover One-E comes with a pre-installed Ortofon OM-5e Cartridge so that the system is ready to go. Should the cartridge need to be replaced at some point, OM-5e can be ordered from Ortofon, or you can use a different cartridge of your choice. Of course, if you just need a new stylus, the Ortofon Stylus 5e is compatible with the cartridge.

Integrated Audio System

The One-E incorporates Class-D Amplifiers with a bi-amplified speaker system that includes two dome tweeters mounted in front with two 3.5-inch aluminum diaphragm woofers (one on each side). 


Andover’s IsoGroove Technology is a proprietary means of combining a turntable and speaker system in a single compact enclosure, without feedback, resonances, or any other audio-disruptive noise.

Intuitive Control Interface

Andover-One E Front Panel

The One-E features a front-mounted graphic interface, with a single-knob operation (a wireless remote is also included). Selectable input sources include phono, Bluetooth (aptX HD), digital optical, USB (input/output), and a dedicated input for a Wi-Fi streaming device (such as the Andover Songbird discussed later in this article). 

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Tip: The USB port can be used to play music files from a USB flash drive or to rip music from the turntable to USB for convenient playback on other devices. 

On the dedicated output side, the One-E includes stereo line and subwoofer preamp outputs. 

Listening Modes

Stereo/Mono (selectable): Listen to music and audio in traditional left and right two-channel channel stereo or for older records listen to the original mono mix.  

Panoramic: This mode enhances the stereo image, making the unit sound like a pair of widely-spaced speakers. 

EQ: The settings menu provides EQ settings so listeners can adjust the audio characteristics to their room, content, or listening preferences.

Andover-One E vs Andover-One System Comparison 

Songbird Music Streamer

For a limited time (no hard date set), Andover is offering One-E buyers a free Songbird Internet Music Streamer ($99 value). 

Andover Audio Songbird
Andover Audio Songbird

This plug-in streamer has both analog and digital outputs for connection to the E system which allows you to playback music from several streaming services including Qobuz, Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and Tune-In that are accessed by a Wi-Fi connection to your home network router. 

In addition, the Songbird plays music files via DLNA or AirPlay from other compatible network-connected devices such as a PC or NAS drive.  

Tip: Read our review of the Songbird Music Streamer – Part One, Part Two

Optional: Andover One Subwoofer

Andover Audio Model One Subwoofer
Andover-One Subwoofer

To complement the Andover One-E music listening experience Andover offers the optional Andover-One Subwoofer ($899). 

The One Subwoofer incorporates dual 10-inch drivers and is an Acoustic Suspension design in a hardwood cabinet. 

To power the driver, the One Subwoofer incorporates a 150-watt Class D amplifier supported by DSP that extends the frequency range down to 25Hz. 

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The Andover One Subwoofer can be used alongside Andover-One or One-E Music System or in combination with either system and the optional Andover Upper Stand for $399. Just place the subwoofer on the floor, the upper stand on top of it, and then the One E on top of the upper stand. 

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