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Doom at Your Services actor Website positioning In-guk and Oh Yeon-web optimization of Mad for Just about every Other face off in the new shaman-themed collection Cafe Minamdang.

Airing on KBS2 and streaming internationally on Netflix, the present is primarily based on Jung Je-han’s novel The Minamdang Situation Notebook.

Search engine optimisation and Oh participate in a cocky shaman and a difficult detective respectively.

Their figures are recognised as the “Ponder of Yonghae-dong” and the “Ghost of Yongjin Station”, which should give you an concept of the over-the-best tone this vivid and peppy comedy-thriller-thriller is aiming for.

The exhibit starts significant over a gleaming town skyline, as illustrious candidates sit before an intimidating panel of interviewers for the post of common supervisor at MK Hotel, a swanky skyscraper that oozes social privilege.

The applicants all have sterling references and resumes, but each and every in flip has their overweening self-assurance dashed when the lead interviewer throws them curveball inquiries.

But these failed to materialise out of nowhere. They are remaining fed into her ear by the dapper and cocky Nam Han-jun (Search engine optimisation), who reads their faces and exposes their kleptomania, nepotism or abusive managerial kinds.

How is it that he can so simply ferret out these miscreants? Han-jun is a renowned shaman, recognised for his flashy fits and variegated followers, which he from time to time breaks out in community when he exposes charlatans.

But the fact is that Han-jun also has an individual in his ear, the purple-haired hacker Nam Hye-jun (Kang Mi-na), who feeds him dirt on the individuals he sets his sights on.

Han-jun is renowned as a amazing shaman, but in actuality he’s a fraud.

He operates the titular Cafe Minamdang along with his co-conspirators Hye-jun, Kong Su-chol (Kwak Si-yang) and Jo Na-dan (Baek Web optimization-hoo), a workforce of younger investigators who assist him preserve his masquerade as an all-understanding shaman.


The users of this team share a diploma of chemistry, but their cheerful antics have a tendency to be expressed via blunt pantomime. Foolish walks and wide guffaws abound though comic timing is in shorter provide.

The shaman small business is a critical a single in South Korea, exactly where main politicians, famous people, company operators and just about everyone else in society are known to frequent them.

Cafe Minamdang doesn’t carry on the pretence of Han-jun remaining a genuine shaman for long, but it would not question the legitimacy of shamanism either.

During the investigation of an adultery circumstance linked to a single of Han-jun’s customers, detective Jang Du-jin (Jung Gentleman-sik) encounters 1 of the shaman’s prophecies.

When his youthful sidekick Kim Sang-hyeob (Heo Jae-ho) disregards it, Du-jin cautions him and clarifies the eerie talents of the Ponder of Yonghae-dong.


Guaranteed more than enough, Han-jun is proved right.

Back again at the precinct, Du-jin checks his fortune for the day in the newspaper, which warms him to look at out for the color black coming from the East.

No quicker does he end the sentence than Han Jae-hui (Oh) arrives, walking in slow movement from a facet corridor in a flowing black leather trench coat.

Du-jin problems Jae-hui for a new recruit at initial, but all through a bust at the docks she displays off her incredible velocity and fighting prowess. Her co-staff ultimately figure out that she’s truly their new staff leader.

Han-jun and Jae-hui cross paths when he experiences a strike-and-operate accident and she investigates the scene. Complicating matters is the simple fact that the assailant in the hit-and-operate is the odious company govt Shin Gyeong-ho (Kim Won-sik), who is in fact Han-jun’s client.


As the situation develops, Jae-hui rapidly comes to despise Han-jun and his predatory means, but a further situation brewing in the qualifications also connects them.

In her time off, Jae-hui pursues a individual vendetta which has some thing to do with her brother and also requires Han-jun.

The formula of Cafe Minamdang is a acquainted one and the demonstrate isn’t going to require to get the job done really difficult to established up the marriage in between the two qualified prospects.

Han-jun is a common cocky male with a seemingly amoral mind-set, when Jae-hui is the lady whose challenging disposition is partly relevant to the traumatic history the characters share and that she could not don’t forget. A present-day K-drama series employing the same components is Kiss Sixth Feeling.


More than time we can hope two things: Jae-hui will piece almost everything alongside one another, and Han-jun will exhibit himself to be a moral character. Where by Cafe Minamdang stands out is in its other aspects.


The exaggerated tone of the exhibit provides it a variety of really vibrant figures, these types of as Cha Do-gained (Kwon Soo-hyun), a district lawyer nicknamed “chatterbox prosecutor” for his capacity to split down criminals by chattering away to them until their ears bleed, and detective Du-jin, affably performed by the good character actor Jung Guy-sik.

Also in company of the show’s tone is its lively soundtrack, which features a bouncy opening credits topic by the wonderful pansori pop band Leenalchi, whose new music also appears in Pachinko.

All round the demonstrate has more misses than hits, but a tighter story going forward could reverse that.

Cafe Minamdang is streaming on Netflix.

This post was initial released in South China Morning Post.

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