Cybersecurity webinar open for all Canadian federal public servants

Barbie Espinol

Canadian federal federal government staff members are being encouraged to attend a bilingual cybersecurity webinar following month.

The session, which coincides with the annual Oct Cybersecurity Awareness Month, is named “Cyber Protection: Your Conduct Counts.” It takes area on October 17th from 10:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Jap time.

Delivered by the federal Canada University of Community Support, it capabilities senior leaders and top cyber safety professionals who will share their insights on latest and emerging threats and display ideal behavioral practices.

It will incorporate a panel dialogue with Po Tea-Duncan, executive director of cybersecurity at the federal Treasury Board Secretariat, and Alan McCafferty, director of the University of Ottawa’s cybersecurity application.

There will also be breakout mastering periods and interactive pursuits, in which attendees will acquire simple assistance as very well as understand techniques that they can use to figure out opportunity threats, vulnerabilities, and other dangerous cyber conduct.

A single breakout session is on preserving digital privacy, which will involve explanations of electronic identities, electronic profiling, how people can be tracked on the world wide web, and suggestions on how individuals can decrease their on the web footprint. It will be led by Jonathan Joynt, a cybersecurity instructor at the federal Cyber Centre Understanding Hub.

The other session will be on developing a potent cyber incident administration process. Led by Wissam Moussa and Cheyenne Arrowsmith of the Canadian Electronic Company, it will show how developing a solid incident management system plays a crucial part in safety, accountability, and recovery.

Registration is open up to federal workforce in any office or company.

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