Exchange between ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. and ZHOU Qian, Renowned Chinese Expert on Electric Power Communication

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BEIJING, Oct.30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. has recently cordially invited Ms. ZHOU Qian, renowned Chinese expert in electric power communication, for an in-depth dialogue on the Trend of Electric Power Development in the Future.

In October 2020, Ms. ZHOU has become a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

As the largest non-profit professional technical association in the world, IEEE engages in the research and development in electric, electronic, computer engineering and science-related fields. Setting over 900 industrial standards in terms of aerospace, information technology, electric power and consumer electronics, IEEE finds its way to becoming an influential international academic organization.

Ms. ZHOU Qian, a senior engineer with rich experience in electric power communication, believes that development of smart grid cannot be separated from support of high-efficient electric power communication network. In the future, communication development shall promote update of cloud, service-oriented and open-ended IT framework. It should also connect production, flow, distribution and consumption of energy industry based on flexible and high-elastic cloud platform to support reliable and safe operation of grid business application and various kinds of platforms and realize connection and integration with the national industrial internet platform.

Moreover, the application of the Internet of Things technology in smart grid will enhance overall perceptions of power production scheduling, support reliable, efficient and safe operation of smart grid, promote intellectualization of operating management, and enable big data analysis and artificial intelligence application. The construction of smart grid relies on the development of a communication network that has broadband, high-reliability, low-latency, wide-coverage, flexible terminal access and two-way interaction ability.

Lastly, in China’s next five-year plan, digital transformation on the power system will strengthen research and application of new technologies, including cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile application and 5G communication. Meanwhile, it proposes a higher standard of power grid for safeguarding network information.

Ms. ZHOU said, “It’s a great honor to become a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and invited to the webinar with ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.. I hope to strengthen communications with industry participants in future and jointly promote the development of power communication industry.”

ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in information technology services. The company offers professional service based on customers’ personalized demands. Relying on professional team, advanced technology and superior service, the company won Jinzun Award- Top 10 Innovative Brands of Chinese Good Companies in 2019 and paved it way to becoming the benchmark enterprise in the field.

About ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. provides customized new-generation of IT infrastructure solutions to customers by combining professional solutions in the fields of information safety, cooperative communication and IT service management with its leading fusion system, virtualization and software definition technologies.

Thanks to years of experience in system integration and professional service, as well as a broad customer base in the fields of finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, energy, traffic, logistics, media and healthcare, the company enjoys a wide business and service network throughout the mainland of China, and constantly maintains rapid and steady business growth since its establishment.

Biography of ZHOU Qian

Ms. ZHOU Qian has been working in Guizhou Power Grid Corp. since 1991 her participation in the field of electric power communication. Many of the research projects and papers she participated in have received provincial and ministerial awards. Her papers have been published in state key journals and won key prizes.

  • “Brief Discussion about Establishing Corporate Management Information System and Electric Power Administration, and Dispatching Telephone Computer Management of Guizhou.” Published in Supplement of Guizhou Electric Power Technology, 1999.
  • “Discussion about the Call Center and Its Relevant Technologies”, published in Guizhou Electric Power Technology Issue No.6, 2001. The paper was awarded the first prize of 2000 Guizhou Power Grid Communication Papers Evaluation by Guizhou Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Bureau and Guizhou Society of Electrical Engineering and included in 2000 Guizhou Society of Electrical Engineering Excellent Proceedings.
  • “The Constructing Experience of Guizhou Electric Power Dispatching and Exchanging Network Platform.” Published in Telecommunications for Electric Power System Issue No.12, 2004.
  • “Administrative Switching Network and Dispatch Switching Network — Q Signaling Is Used to Connect Two Switching Platforms.” Published in Guizhou Electric Power Technology, Issue No.9 in 2006.
  • “Realization of Emergency Protection of Guizhou Electric Power Dispatching Telephone During Ice Disaster.” Published in the supplement 1 of Guizhou Electric Power Technology in 2008. It was awarded the Third Prize of Guizhou Power Grid Anti-ice and Power Protection Technology Forum issued by Guizhou Society of Electrical Engineering and included in the 2008 Excellent Proceedings of Anti-ice and Power Protection.
  • “Discussion on Construction of Guizhou Electric Power Dispatching and Switching Network after Ice Disaster.” Published in Guizhou Electric Power Technology 2008 Supplement 2. The paper was awarded the Second Prize of Anti-ice and Power Protection Essay by Guizhou Electric Power Information Communication Co., Ltd., and included in the Proceedings of the Tenth Youth Academic Conference of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.
  • “Discussion on the Construction Thought of the New Generation Guizhou Electric Power Administration Switching Network” won the Second Prize of Anti-ice and Power Protection Essay by Guizhou Electric Power Information Communication Co., Ltd.
  • “VoIP in Guizhou Power Dispatch Communications in Construction” was included in Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.
  • “Upgrading and Reconstruction of Power Dispatch Switching Network Based on VoIP.” Published in Electric Power Issue No.8, 2011. It was included in Proceedings of 2011 National Electric Power Enterprise Informatization Conference.
  • “The Application of VoIP Technology in Power Dispatch Communication Network” was included in Proceedings of the 2nd China Power Grid Dispatching Intelligent Development Summit.

In 2018,Ms. ZHOU published two EI papers, namely “Parallel Deblocking Filtering Algorithm On GPU” (EC3010) and “A Novel Real-Time Video Mosaic Block Detection Based On Intensity Order and Shape Feature” (EC3011) in Tenth International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2018) Volume 10806.

A book titled Research and Application of Power Communication Technology (ISBN 978-7-115-52167-5), published in Oct. 2019 contains Ms. ZHOU’s new paper—”Research on Application of Service Quality Evaluation System in Power Video Communication Support System”.

SOURCE ChantsWood (Beijing) Information Technology Co. Ltd

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