Factors To Consider When Choosing a Jack or Cable

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To understand Ethernet connectivity, you’ll have first to understand how everything connects. This understanding will be crucial to everything else you’ll ever do that involves working with the internet, as you must know the physical sides of the technology. Read on to learn a few factors to consider when choosing a jack or cable.  

Categories and Cables

Ethernet cables are all categorized by their strength and the job they do. CAT5e and CAT6 cables are the two most common Ethernet cables you’ll find. 

Your RJ45 adapter, which is your keystone jack adapter, will need to align with your Ethernet connection. If you have a CAT6 cable, your jack must also fit your connector for the same size cable. Not all jacks and cables are the same, so finding the right fit is crucial. 

Shielded and Unshielded 

As with keystone jacks and Ethernet cables, all your connective tech has to correspond. If you want to always enjoy uninterrupted service, then you want to have corresponding shielded cables and jacks. 

Most cables and jacks for home use are unshielded. Typically, home services have unshielded internet as there aren’t any major businesses and corporations around houses and neighborhoods. 

These larger companies emit an electromagnetic interference that can cause static in your connection and even drop your signal altogether. Still, everything must match whether you have shielded or unshielded. If you opt for protected cables, remember to pick shielded jacks as well.

90- or 180-Degree Jacks

When you have jacks, you will typically have two different types of hubs: 90-degree hubs and 180-degree hubs. This difference determines which direction you punch the cables down into the jack and can affect your overall setup.

These adapters must correspond with the Ethernet cables and the keystone jacks you install in the wall. Like before, if they do not match or have different labels, you will not be able to establish a connection.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a jack or cable for your home’s Ethernet connection. Having the right setup can drastically affect your connection speeds and user experience. 

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