Farming In Nigeria

Barbie Espinol

Nigeria should be an investor’s delight with its abundant resources and large population. However the political situation in the country and the threats from the terrorist group makes it difficult for intending investors to take the plunge. However good knowledge of the country is very important. Several multi-national companies have been in Nigeria and continue to do business in Nigeria

The country has always had large American, British, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Lebanese, Indian, Syrian and of recent South African Communities. There are also other nationals in large population in Nigeria. The return of democracy has revived foreign investment in Nigeria. In all the sectors from energy to telecoms, Information technology, manufacturing, Automobile and the health sector.

There is a lot of controversy in the oil and gas sector,it is a very complex sector to get into in Nigeria. Agriculture still remains a sector where you can’t get it wrong in Nigeria.Food will always sell.There are several ways to get into agriculture in Nigeria viz;

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY: The Nigerian Population depends on cattle from the northern part of Nigeria and from countries that border the country to the north. This cattle are reared in the old Nomadic way, where the cattle has to be taken around even as far as to the southern part of the country to graze.

However the practices in other countries can be adopted here in Nigeria and in fact have been adopted. The case of the shonga farms in the north is an example.Where Namibian farmers were invited to Nigerian. They have since become a force to reckon with in the agricultural sector with the different groups of farmers which they have termed “syndicates”. Some Governors in the northern part of the country have been looking outside, like some governors have been importing good breed of animals to be bred in their various states.

CROP FARMING: There are several crops being cultivated in Nigeria that are in high demand all over the world, e.g cassava, cashew and it’s nuts, grape, oranges, mangos, walnuts, cocoa,bitter cola, teak trees for wood and so many others. Olam a produce processing company has been in Nigeria for some years,of recent they have invested In large scale rice cultivation and processing.

There is a large expanse of land ready for farming purposes in the south western part of Nigeria. There are several agriculture enthusiasts interested in collaborating with individuals, companies and groups with relevant expertise. Interested parties can get more details here

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