Free Internet Marketing ebook – Licensed to Quit Your Job Review

Barbie Espinol

If you are a newbie, this free internet marketing eBook will scratch an itch. It’s the little voice that says “how on earth can I compete? And where on earth do I start?” It gives you an effective great strategy to start your online business, and eventually quit your job. What’s the strategy then, I hear you say… well you sell to people by giving something away for free. Tony Shepherd and Sara Brown show the exact method on how to do this.

The e-book is 58 pages long, but has quality information in it. And, it is free! And, if you read through it, you find another free eBook! And another. And then, another. But then that’s it. So you will get 4 free eBooks. They are actually showing you the live system they use as you read the book. This shows the reader the integrity of the system, and of the authors.

The e-book reveals a system which was devised too:

  • Generate an online income in the shortest time possible
  • With the minimum of effort
  • Enable the user to quit their job, or earn substantial income online

Reading “Licensed to quit your job” feels quite refreshing. Firstly the system results in satisfied customers and everything in it has been tested, which you see happening before your very eyes! And secondly you think to yourself, “you know what, this could really work, this is how I can succeed online!”

In case you’re wondering, and in the interests of writing a review with extra valuable, the other free internet marketing ebooks you can get are:

  • 24 hr WordPress guru
  • Streaming audio on your website, in 20 minutes, for free
  • Blog your wage

OK so where’s the catch? Well guess what I’ll tell you. Yes I’m just going to come right out with the negatives. Here they are:

  • You will need to build a simple website / get someone to do it for you
  • You will need a product to sell
  • The eBook has limited information on setting up opt in boxes and autoresponders

The first two are major hurdles that everyone has to get through when starting up online. The authors are experienced marketers and there is good tuition in “license to quit your job” to help you get through these difficulties. Even so, if you’re a newbie you will still have to learn and apply a bit of technical knowledge. To get this method up and running, you don’t need that much information on auto-responders, although it would be easier if this was fully explained. However the subject of auto responders and how they are set up is explained in more detail in the kickstart course. The Kickstart course is an upsell you are presewith once you have the “quit your job on 90 days” ebook.

Here’s another quick tip… once you have claimed the free offer, you are presented with $1 trial to the best selling Kickstart course. Now as your reading this article I’ll let you in on a secret. To get the $1 trial, or further special offers (if you want them!) navigate away from the page and a pop-up will come up with a special offer. This was true when I got this ebook, hopefully this is still the case!

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