How To Diagnose Your Site with Google Advanced Search

Barbie Espinol

While John Mueller did a great job explaining how to analyze your website with Google Webmaster Tools, I thought I could outline a few tips on how to diagnose both on-site and off-site issues with Google Search and its advanced operators.

  • Make sure your site is free from any type of filtering issues: search [] in Google; if your sites comes up #1 for this query, you are doing alright. If you see other site mentioning your domain ranked first, that’s a bad signal;
  • Make sure there are no duplicate content problems: search for a pretty long citation from your site (exact match, i.e. in quotes). With a blog, for example, you have a good chance to see the category page (summarizing the post) instead of the corresponding post page;
  • Check how many URLs from your site have been indexed: search [] and “dig deeper” into the search results:
  • [] + [] + etc (the “deeper” you digg, the more/ the more accurate results you get)

  • Learn if the site has canonical problems (for sites using www): search [ -inurl:www] and see if any non-www URLs have been stored in the index);
  • Identify most powerful pages of your site:
  • [ www]
    [ tld site:yourdomain.tld]

    (kudos to SEOmoz for the tip)

  • Find most relevant pages of your site (to further promote them for the specified term): search [ keyword] or [ key * phrase]
  • Check your site is crawled and indexed frequently enough: search [] + play with “date range” advanced search option.
  • Check who (and what) your site is associated with: search [] to identify your site co-citation (i.e. basically, who your promoters also link to).

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