Indexing and the Registry

Barbie Espinol

In the world of computer languages and jargon, you will come across a term known as the ‘system registry’. This is a central database that the system uses to efficiently run the operating system without hang-ups and hitches. This is a database, which stores information such as the data pertaining to the settings of all the hardware and the software that is installed on the system.

Windows Indexing service and the registry cleaner are related very closely. Windows indexing allows the system to locate and run files and programs quickly and efficiently.

Windows Registry also stores the various users’ preferences such as the desktop settings and what programs the user wants to startup with the operating system during boot up. This registry is constantly changing along with the use of the system. These changes are a stumbling block for the system as the registry continues to grow and expand. Eventually the system will slow down so much that the use of a registry cleaning program will be inevitable to fine tune and cleanup the system.

The Registry Grows With Indexing

There are six sub sections of the registry and they are all changed every time some user makes a change in the system through the control panel. Windows indexing service is another culprit that contributes greatly to the registry constantly changing and expanding. The Indexing service records in the registry the location of all the files and programs. This expands the registry everyday slowing down the system and making it sluggish. Thankfully there are tools such as windows registry cleaner that can rectify this problem. When a user uninstalls a program or deletes a file the indexing service does not remove all the entries from the registry service completely. This is where powerful registry cleaning services are required.

Download A Free Registry Cleaner

These system utilities are available free on the Internet. A search with the keywords ‘registry shareware cleaner’, ‘free Microsoft registry clean’, ‘download free registry ware’ and ‘free registry cleaning software download’ will produce rich results and you can make your choice which cleaner you would like to install and use to clean the registry of your system. All are good cleaners. Some are trial version downloads and some are premium packs. The free registry cleaning program are just as good as the premium or any other system cleaning utility available on the Internet.

It is advisable to give the registry cleaning software that are available on the Internet a try if you feel that your system has slowed down and that the startup and shut down processes take more time than when the system was first installed. Installing a freeware is not a big deal and takes just a couple of minutes. It costs nothing except a few minutes of your time and you get a faster and more efficient system at the end for all your trouble.

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