Insulated Tarps – How Effective Are They?

Barbie Espinol

There are many kinds of insulated tarps available today. They have varied applications in the commercial, residential or the agricultural arena. The insulated ones make use of closed cell foam or a reflexive technology. These tarps seal and insulate. Moreover they are highly protective and flexible. These are even used for insulated industrial screens. Seriously, the use of insulated tarps is many. People also use it as welding screen. Being made of multiple layer construction, they are very effective in insulation. This also makes it highly strong and durable. These tarps can easily resist the high traffic that is associated with the construction activities. Cracking or crumbling is never an issue here.


This is needed whenever a radiant heat-system is installed in concrete. Not only this, but many other construction activities benefit using these in many different ways. Not just for the people operating in the construction industry, but also farmers, homeowners and business people benefit. It is certainly help in a better heating system. Not just efficient, it will be cheaper to operate. Not just to increase the efficiency of the heat systems, these tarps are also used to prevent the moisture from entering the heat system from underneath. They act as a phenomenal vapor barrier. They prevent the dangerous radon from escaping through the concrete.


The installation of these is very simple. It does not involve many preparations. The cost too is very minimal. These are available in many different sizes and will require very less seams than the conventional methods. These tarps are used when the heat system is still under construction. First the gravel base is made on which the tarp is applied. After this the material is applied and then the concrete slab is put. It is true that these covers are not visible from the naked eye, but surely it will protect and increase the effectiveness of the radiant heat system.

All in all

So, it can thus be said that insulated tarps are a very effective means to increase the capability of the radiant heat system. They are used for multiple applications. They seal the moisture and radon. Moreover, the installation process is very simple. They last very long and a lot more time is saved as compared to the other alternatives.

Where to buy these?

Now the question that comes to mind is how to buy these? It is simple. First check your requirements and determine what kind and size of insulated tarp is required for your work. Next is to choose an appropriate supplier. You can find the sellers of these both online and offline. However, as we all know the prices at which the online suppliers sell these will be much less compared to the offline ones. Therefore, going online will be a better idea to save some extra money.

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