IT Jobs: Recession Proof

Barbie Espinol

With our current economic recession slow to recover, students are trying to figure out what degree will most benefit their future job prospects. Among the few fields withstanding the economic pressures is IT. Therefore, a sure-fire way to obtain, secure, and even advance in a job is through earning an IT degree. IT degrees programs are available both at online universities and ground schools. Online schools offer a multitude of IT degree programs, and pursing an information technology degree online will give students a chance to work towards a degree while gaining direct experience with computers and computer technology.

According to Tech Service Alliance, IT jobs grew by 9,700 in July 2010, 5,600 in August 2010 and remains steady through October 2010 with employment up 1.8% versus overall employment growth of 0.26%. Current IT employees hold nearly 4 million jobs and says Tech Service Alliance CEO Mark Roberts, “despite a generally anemic employment environment, IT employment continues to show strength.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics growth report supports the Tech Service Alliance’s findings, offering a projected growth rate of 17%. This projected growth rate, significantly above the average growth rate, shows the IT field is not only continuing to grow, but is flourishing.

Another factor, other than the field’s favorable growth rate, benefitting students is the sheer magnitude of the IT field. With so many tech niches, from database administrators to computer software engineers and computer specialists, qualified IT applicants have a multitude of job opportunities.

And, as technology continues to be an integral part of people’s daily lives and workplaces everywhere, the field should continue its upward growth. Says Roberts,

“In the face of generally lackluster job growth, both the data and anecdotal reports from our member companies continue to reflect strong demand for IT professionals. While taking nothing for granted, our sector remains upbeat about future growth for IT employment.”

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