New technology allows deputies to listen to active 911 calls

Barbie Espinol

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is the first agency to implement the use of a new technology that will allow deputies to listen to active dispatch calls.

According to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the technology advancement provided by Equature Logging System gives deputies the capability of listening live to active 911 calls as they are being fielded by dispatchers.

The sheriff’s office said the new technology will decrease the time it takes to go through dispatch when responding to calls requiring a time critical component such as an active shooter or locating a drunk driver.

The technology will not take away the critical role of dispatchers but rather assist them in getting information to deputies quickly when time is of the essence, according to deputies.

The sheriff’s office said the new technology has already proven its effectiveness when deputies were trying to locate a drunk driver who was being followed by a caller who was relaying information.

Rather than the caller give information to dispatch, who would then pass the info along to the responding officers, the deputy was able to listen in immediately and get on top of the driver quickly and initiate a traffic stop.

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