Practical Tractor Applications For Farm Use

Barbie Espinol

The modern tractor is a very powerful and flexible machine, capable of tackling even the most difficult agricultural tasks with ease. What once required teams of animals and farm hands can now be accomplished with a single operator and tractor; everything from plowing to planting and general maintenance around the farm. Because of this incredible versatility that tractors bring to the farm, it is no surprise that tractor service on and off the field continues to rise all over the world.

One of the most common applications for the modern agricultural tractor is of course plowing. Tractors accomplish this task using a variety of attachments depending on the type of soil as well as the intent of the farmer. Standard plow attachments turn the soil to prepare it for planting, while chisel ploughs allow the farmer to loosen and aerate soil with minimal disruption, which is ideal for sustainable farming where it is desirable to leave organic material near the surface. Harrow attachments may also be used to further prepare the soil for planting by breaking down large clumps after the initial pass by a standard plow.

Tractors are also widely used for planting on agricultural farms, replacing the need for farm hands to physically plant each row by hand. By using a planter attachment, one operator can simultaneously plant anywhere from 2 to 48 rows at a time, greatly reducing the time needed for the task and allowing farmers to quickly plant their crops when only short windows of opportunity are available. Older planters typically have a physical marker on the attachment that guides the operator on where to center the tractor for each pass, while in more modern tractors the planting process can be guided using GPS and auto steering for maximum precision.

Tractors also have many applications that go beyond simply plowing and planting. One common use of today’s agricultural tractor is for general maintenance around the farm. Flail mower attachments for example allow the tractor to quickly and easily clear land all over the farm. Other common attachments include augers for drilling post holes for fencing and front end loaders for moving large piles of earth, gravel and other material around the farm.

he modern tractor is a true marvel of engineering. With a wide variety of possible applications, it is an indispensable tool on any farm. Capable of tackling any labor intensive agricultural task from plowing to planting to performing general maintenance around the farm, the tractor completes each task with precision and speed. Because of this amazing versatility, tractor sales remain strong more than a century after being introduced to the modern farm.

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