PRP Treatment- How Much Does PRP Treatment Cost?

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Before you find the PRP treatment cost, it’s only prudent to understand the procedure so you know what to expect. Injecting the platelet-rich plasma into a scalp might reduce inflammation that causes hair loss.  

Though the PRP treatment has been approved for bone graft therapy, doctors use PRP for various health issues. They use it to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and muscle healing and to encourage hair growth.

A small study done in 2015 reported that men who received PRP for hair loss treatment experienced a significant hair density than those who didn’t. However, further research is necessary to find the efficacy of this treatment. 

PRP Procedure

PRP treatment prep is simple. A medical professional takes a person’s blood sample from the arm and places it into a particular device that spins rapidly to separate the blood components. These include red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and they all have unique medical uses. 

Platelets play a crucial role in healing as they form clots that prevent a wound from bleeding. They also support cell growth; injecting it into tissue damage can encourage new tissue growth and overall healing.

Plasma is the liquid that helps to move the platelets around, together with the red and white blood cells. 

To date, researchers continue to study more on the efficacy of this treatment and understand the mechanism behind PRP injections. But the studies show how a concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma can stimulate the healing process. It can shorten the injury healing time, encourage hair growth and decrease pain.

PRP Cost 

PRP treatment cost may range from $400 to $3,500 for a single session, and most people require multiple treatments for optimal results. Your practitioner will give you the actual cost, as this differs from person to person. 

The doctor’s experience, location, and treatment region will determine the amount you’ll pay for your treatment. 

PRP Treatment Has Many Uses

Doctors use PRP treatment for several conditions, such as healing and cosmetic therapy.

Treats Arthritis

People with rheumatoid arthritis can get inflammation leading to painful joints. And PRP treatment can help reduce these symptoms. PRP treatment costs for symptomatic knee osteoarthritis might go to less than $1190 for 12 months or over, which is a compelling price.

Tissue Healing

A PRP therapy can also help reduce pain in ligaments and tendon damage. Some study also shows that this treatment can also aid in bone healing. However, this research lacks enough proof to ascertain PRP treatment’s benefit. 

Hair Growth

PRP injection for hair loss helps increase blood flow to your hair follicle. The practitioner injects the platelet-rich plasma into the scalp area requiring the treatment. And this prolongs the hair cycle’s anagen (active) phase, promoting new hair growth. It’s a procedure that has been quite effective for hair loss. Also, a doctor can incorporate it with other hair loss therapies, such as hair transplants.

PRP treatment cost for hair loss is around $400 for one session. However, you may require several sessions, which can amount to $3500. 

Unlike most treatments, you can only notice PRP therapy results after six months of scalp injections. And several weeks for muscles and joint treatments. However, you will require additional injections since it does not provide a permanent solution. 

Benefits of PRP Treatment 

Since this is a non-invasive therapy, it’s ideal for many people. It also has these many advantages:

  • Non-allergic as it uses a person’s blood. 
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Shorter healing time
  • Encourages hair growth
  • It’s convenient 
  • It’s effective 

In Conclusion

PRP treatment effectively encourages hair growth, healing wounds, and many more benefits. While this is not a new treatment for tendons and muscles, doctors recently discovered it could boost hair growth and work for facial therapy due to its healing factors. However, PRP treatment costs will differ for every treatment. And you can get the actual price depending on your specific need.  

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