SwRI technology reduces heavy-duty diesel emi

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picture: CAT-DEF™ know-how is a catalyst- and surfactant-modified diesel exhaust fluid answer formulated by Southwest Analysis Institute. SwRI engineers applied this diesel exhaust method with urea injector and static mixer to carry out deposit screening. Cat-DEF technology can aid automotive manufacturers meet up with emissions necessities and can be added to more mature and existing diesel engines.
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Credit score: Southwest Research Institute

SAN ANTONIO — Might 4, 2022 — Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) demonstrated the success of its patented and award-successful CAT-DEF™ technologies all through the WCX™ Environment Congress Expertise in Detroit, which took place April 5-7. The internally funded advancement correctly minimized weighty-responsibility diesel engine nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to meet the California Air Sources Board (CARB) 2027 requirements.

CAT-DEF, which stands for Catalyzed Diesel Exhaust Fluid, is an SwRI-developed catalyst- and surfactant-modified diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) remedy. Today’s diesel engines use selective catalytic reduction (SCR), an sophisticated emissions regulate technique, to abate NOx emissions. DEF is injected into the exhaust stream and preferably decomposes to sort ammonia, which reacts with NOx on the SCR catalyst to variety N2 and H2O.

Even though the recent process is reasonably productive at temperatures better than 250°C, at temperatures down below 250°C, urea-derived deposits form within just the aftertreatment procedure. These deposits severely restrict lower-temperature NOx conversion and boost gasoline use as superior-temperature engine operations are expected to eliminate the deposits.

SwRI’s novel technological innovation decreases NOx and carbon dioxide emissions for diesel engines by drastically cutting down undesirable deposit development in exhaust devices.

“Although DEF know-how has been used for much more than a 10 years, the optimum emissions management efficiencies could hardly ever be recognized thanks to DEF’s inclination to develop perhaps harmful deposits in the exhaust process, specially when the engine is operated at reduced hundreds and temperatures,” mentioned Dr. Charles E. Roberts Jr., director of SwRI’s Business Vehicle Systems Office. “A blend of surface-active brokers and heterogenous catalysts blended into CAT-DEF decreases deposits by 90% with likely reductions up to 98%.”


Using inside funding, SwRI engineers researched the technology’s success for decreasing NOx emissions at the new standards established by CARB—known for enacting stricter benchmarks than the Environmental Protection Agency—through a head-to-head comparison of diesel engines operated with and without CAT-DEF.

“We demonstrated that applying CAT-DEF authorized an motor to satisfy or exceed impending CARB 2027 NOx necessities, though utilizing common DEF did not meet up with the new standard,” reported SwRI Analysis Scientist Dr. Grant Seuser, one of CAT-DEF’s principal investigators, who along with his fellow researchers shared their findings in the course of a session on method integration and sturdiness at WCX. “Our results present that DEF can now be used around a significantly broader range of motor procedure, lowering overall NOx emissions.”

SwRI’s CAT-DEF technological know-how is presently offered to license. The novel innovation is backwards compatible and can be utilised in existing engines as a deposit reduction answer. For long term programs, which will be needed to meet additional stringent regulatory specifications, the award-winning CAT-DEF answer competes with greater-cost motor hardware modifications at the moment currently being deemed by the diesel engine marketplace and DEF makers.

For a lot more data, visit https://www.swri.org/market/emissions/aftertreatment-system-systems or https://www.swri.org/specialized-divisions/powertrain-engineering.

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