The Amazon Attribution Models Guide

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There aren’t many ways on Amazon to link sales to your advertising. However, you must comprehend Amazon attribution windows and how credit for sales is awarded to ads if you wish to effectively track sales on Amazon. Here’s the lowdown on crediting sales on Amazon before you hurl your computer out of the window. To know more about Amazon attribution you can visit the below link:

Depending on the kind of campaign you are conducting, Amazon will allocate sales to it differently. Sponsored Brand campaigns and Sponsored Product campaigns are the two categories of Amazon advertising campaigns.

  • Sponsored Branding Initiatives (14-Day)

Sponsored Brand campaigns use a last-touch paradigm and have a 14-day attribution window. This implies that the sale is credited to the last campaign the user interacted with. In general, the ad they clicked on gets credit for the transaction if an Amazon consumer clicks on your ad and buys your goods within 14 days. You won’t be able to give credit for a sale that occurs outside of that window. For smaller brands, it really is that easy. “Halo Sales” are a hassle for bigger shops.

“Halo Sales”—what are they? Halo Sales are purchases made by customers who click on your advertisement for one product but make another purchase. Sales of identical brand products from other merchants are also included in Halo Sales for Branded Campaigns. 

  • Campaigns for Sponsored Products (7-Day)

In the first row of search results, there are sponsored product advertisements. Campaigns for Amazon Sponsored Products have a 7-day click-through window. When a customer clicks on your ad and makes a purchase seven days or less later, the sale is linked back to the original ad. Remember that since this is a last-click model, the sale will only be credited to the last advertisement the user clicked. 

Compared to Sponsored Brand Campaigns, this seems pleasant and easy, but seven days does not give you a lot of information about how well your advertising are performing. Sponsored Product Campaigns are similarly impacted by Halo Sales, but differently. A sale will be considered a Halo Sale if a user clicks on your advertisement and subsequently purchases another item you provide (that was not the item in the advertisement). However, unlike Brand Campaigns, sales from third parties will have no impact on Halo Sales.

Amazon Attribution Alternatives

These are the only lookback windows accessible through the UI, but you may obtain a Campaign Performance Report to access attribution windows ranging from one to ninety days. Your industry and products will determine how you should evaluate your sales. Many retailers find that a 7 or 14-day lookback period is enough because most buyers decide whether or not to buy a product within that time. In this instance, downloading the report on a regular basis is not actually necessary (although it still may be useful for gap analyses and the like.) However, other shops ought to use this report frequently. Jewelry is one example of a sector and product that requires a longer lookback window to properly evaluate campaign performance.

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