The Business Of Internet Marketing

Barbie Espinol

Everyone today depend on online purchases as it is the easiest and time saving shopping spree that anybody can possibly experience and this is all possible only through internet marketing. Be it from home or from office the online shopping is readily done and with less hassle. Internet today has become one big shopping mall where people can find any product or service they desire. Thus all types of businesses are extended online too and they use highly efficient internet marketing technique to enable good income and to expand their business world wide.

Internet marketing is also called as e-marketing and it bridges the difference between the global borders and exposes products and services from around the world, thus making this world a small global village where people can easily meet one another and buy things from all around the world. Some of the internet marketing methods are

o affiliate marketing

o SEM – Search engine marketing

o Advertisement displays

o Email marketing

o Marketing through blogs

o Viral marketing

o Business analysis

o Direct sales

o Link building

o Search engine optimization

o Article submission

o Press release

o Newsletters

o Directory submission etc

Whatever the marketing strategy the principles of internet marketing should always be focused on increasing the customer traffic to the client’s web site and to increase his income level and make his products recognized globally. The main focus should therefore be on popularizing the site and make it more visible in the search engine searches.

When the customer searches for a product in the search engine the top ten pages have higher chances of being hit by the possible customer. When the client uses email advertising he has to target email lists and there is special software for this email marketing services. When link building is used for internet marketing then the web master has to choose between mil links, one way links or two links etc. His target should be to include as much links online and with less money. The same features are also suited for web directory submission. The web master has to choose between manual submission, permanent web links and free directory submissions etc. the main focus again should be on increasing the web traffic to the site involved.

Almost all factors revolving around internet marketing should be included in the web site from SEO and SEM to link building and directory submission. A site should be a combination of all the above residing factors and cannot be established on just one feature. It should all be included step by step and the web promotion should be complete only when the business is successful and even then it needs much marketing to sustain its gains and popularity.

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