What’s the Difference Between .org vs .com vs .net?


We are presented with a wide array of domain extensions when trying to develop websites or register domains. These extensions were initially designed for specific types of websites, each carrying its own significance. 

Now, the advent of the internet led to many websites, each associated with a distinct Domain Name. These domain names determine the credibility of the website and facilitate Domain Hosting.

So, if you are to buy a domain name, choose a name that aligns with the business, contributing to creating a recognisable brand within your industry.

Here is more information on domain name, and domain name register in NZ. But before everything else, let us dive a little deeper into the meaning of different domain extensions. 

What is the Meaning of the .org Domain Extension?

The .org top-level domain represents the term “organisation” and is primarily utilised for websites belonging to nonprofit entities, including charities, NGOs, and educational platforms. 

This extension was among the original domains established in 1985 and is, therefore, considered more established and credible compared to newer alternatives.

What is the Meaning of the .com Domain Extension?

The .com top-level domain is the most widely used extension and holds significant value for professional websites. 

Initially intended for commercial websites, it has now expanded to encompass websites of any type, despite the availability of various other extensions designed for specific purposes. 

[Note: If you want to buy a cheap domain with .com extension, you must figure out a creative name for your business or the domain.]

What is the Meaning of the .net Domain Extension?

The .net domain extension is the second most commonly used extension. It is frequently suggested as an alternative to .com when the desired Domain Name is already taken. 

The .net domain extension represents the term “network” and was initially intended for umbrella websites that served as portals for smaller sites. Approximately 4% of all registered domains worldwide utilise this extension. 

Difference Between .org vs .com 

When comparing .org and .com, the difference seems straightforward: .org is used for nonprofit purposes, while commercial organisations use .com

If you aim to create a nonprofit website, opting for a .org domain is appropriate. But, if your objective is to build an online business, it is more suitable to choose a .com domain.

Technically, any business or organisation can use a .org domain, provided they support it with the right marketing strategy to avoid potential confusion among those who still associate this extension solely with nonprofits. 

But, the common belief associating .org domains with charities, NGOs, and educational platforms is widely settled. And so, it is ideal to consider .org as a last-resort option.

Difference Between .com vs .net 

The most apparent difference between a .net and a .com domain is their purpose, as they were created for “network” and “commercial” sites.

If you want to offer networking platforms or internet-based services, such as creating a forum, you must opt for a .net domain. 

Whereas, if your aim is to make money online via a personal blog or an Ecommerce website, go for a .com domain name.


Your website’s domain extension will solely rely on your business objective. For example, .org is the ideal choice for businesses as it offers a sense of loyalty, authority and professionalism. 

.com is a popular choice among startups due to its high click-through rate and affordability compared to the other domain extensions. And finally, .net is generally favoured by firms that require a professional look but wish to avoid displaying their website in a specific region or nation.

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