Moms – Good Internet Marketers

Barbie Espinol

In the early days, moms were stereotypically defined as women who stay at home, clean the house and take care of their husband and children. Today, women have stepped up the playing field. More and more are entering the competitive world of business, professional services and even politics. One must […]

Developing the Best Internet Marketing Strategy

Barbie Espinol

After spending the past decade talking with individuals wishing to promote their products and web sites online one theme appears to repeat itself and may be at the root of the marketer’s problem. Wikipedia states that: “Real-life marketing primarily revolves around the application of a great deal of common-sense; dealing […]

Internet Marketing Online – Is it Needed?

Barbie Espinol

The terms “internet marketing online” and “online marketing” refer to any type of marketing conducted via the internet. Online marketing can incorporate virtually any aspect of conventional marketing. For example, e-commerce sites conduct direct sales to consumers or businesses via the internet, while there are extensive and varied methods of […]

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