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Quality Analysis requires you to test out and perfect every software before launch. Every Quality Analyst team, therefore, requires a set of cutting-edge tools to streamline their testing procedures. The last thing you want is an elusive bug ruining your investment and effort. You want to consider tools that follow comprehensive testing procedures and adapt to your specific needs.

To assess the software for usability, performance, and other metrics, you must opt for a holistic testing solution that integrates well with other 3rd Party tools, detects errors from rigorous multi-level checks, and outlines them in intuitive reports for seamless collaboration. So, what are these tools, and how do you pick one – that is what we will cover in this write-up.

Latest Software Testing Tools QAs Are Using In 2022

How to Choose the Right tool which resonates with your software testing needs?

The decision to choose the right software testing tool comes down to the extent of tests, budget, type of testing, testers, and other variables. Ultimately, you want to select a tool that syncs with your unique software needs. A testing platform that allows tailor-made tests for your project requirements is more reliable than a popular tool in the market. Consider the following factors:

• Type of software to be tested
• Ease of developing, managing, and executing scripts
• The extent of support for testing across multiple platforms and devices
• Integrated support for CI and DevOps tools
• Codeless and supports keyword & data-driven testing
• Analytics and reporting capabilities
• Overall technical support, language compatibility, and value-for-money pricing

Top 15 Software testing tools

1. Selenium:

As an open-source and portable web testing framework, Selenium is one of the leading cloud-based testing platforms that support various browsers and operating systems. Selenium provides parallel test execution for improved productivity while requiring fewer resources. Selenium supports multiple languages like C#, Ruby, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Access Selenium here

• Selenium can be integrated with TestNG, Maven, and Ant
• Selenium IDE lets testers record their actions and export the same.
• The user-friendly WebDriver interface with automated tests and remote testing ability,
• Ability to reuse the scripts with volume testing on real devices and no manual intervention

2. Appium:

Appium is another open-source test automation framework that uses the WebDriver protocol to automate testing for native, mobile-web, and hybrid applications in Android and iOS. Appium supports several languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and more. The robust architecture and unique design capabilities make it perfectly suited for any test.

• A Graphical and easy-to-use interface with the ability to record, edit the tests and create detailed reports
• You get to test on local and remote devices and get the flexibility to choose the framework, such as Junit and TestNG
• You can use IntelliJ and Eclipse IDEs to run scripts
• The grid capability lets you run parallel tests. Learn more here

3. Postman:

Postman is an API creation and testing platform that streamlines and simplifies each step of the API lifecycle. You can keep track of requests, use JavaScript to develop test suites, insert preset tests in the Sandbox environment, create workspaces, tag peers in comments, and more. The tool starts at $0 and goes up to $99 for the Enterprise edition.

• Design, develop, and test APIs swiftly with your team and regulate the entire API workflow
• Each plan comes with an API client, testing, and builder, with premium plans offering more integrations, multiple roles, and private workspaces
• Postman supports multiple frameworks like Dart, cURL, Fetch, and multiple languages like C, C#, Java, and more
• Learn more from

4. Katalon Studio:

Katalon Studio is an all-in-one tool that lets you automate tests for Web, API, desktop, and mobile. The IDE supports multiple operating systems and offers an easy setup for on-demand testing with built-in project templates for easy end-to-end testing. The tool can be accessed here at, and its price goes from $0 to $1899 for the Enterprise edition.

• Katalon lets you design, execute, analyze, and orchestrate all kinds of tests
• Accurate object spying helps to detect, capture, and store onscreen objects
• Features Productive Record-and-Playback, advanced debugger, and reusable test artifacts
• Fast scripting helps to create, execute and maintain tests faster

5. Kualitee:

Kualitee is another reliable tool with an easy-to-use and simple UI that lets you reuse tests, test cycles, and collaborate with multiple team members across several projects. The Cloud version costs $15/month, and the on-premise solution comes to $2920/yr for 10 users. Kualitee is a comprehensive platform with the best-in-class automated testing features. Access it at

• Customized Reporting for all your tests, plus the ability to export them in any format
• Minimize manual intervention with an automated test environment
• Flexibility allows users to customize roles, reporting templates, and values
• The built-in defect management module helps to track issues during the testing process

6. TestRail:

TestRail is another leading testing tool that manages test cases, increases test coverage, integrates with issue trackers, and gets real-time insights into your QA process. Testers can integrate with any automation framework, migrate test cases, report on these automated tests, and centralize the same for user-based visibility and analysis. Access it here

• The annual Cloud plan costs $34 and $69 for the professional and enterprise version
• The server plan costs $1,905 and $3,600 for the Professional and Enterprise version
• Comes with custom test case templates, test case versioning, and parameterization
• Features customizable UI scripts, improved test coverage, and traceability
• Supports Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and Ruby


SOAPUI lets you create, execute, and manage all types of tests on SOAP, REST, & GraphQL APIs, JDBC, and other web services. You can accelerate, automate, and streamline your functional, security, and performance testing. Perform service simulation, load testing, speed testing, and more; testers can swiftly create and execute automated tests with ease. Read more here

• Security testing supports SQL Injection, XML Bomb, Cross Site Scripting, and more
• Use Inbuilt analytics to uncover actionable metrics, create and export custom reports
• Write TearDown and setup scripts in Groovy or JavaScript
• Supports CI/CD integrations and data generations
• Free or use the Ready API starting from $829/yr – API test module

8. Eggplant:

Eggplant is an AI-driven software platform that accelerates and expertly manages the entire testing process. With DevOps at the center, you can test your software across all devices and platforms while automating complex workflows, user journeys, bug detection, and other anomalies. Speed up releases, lower costs, and improve product quality. To know more and get a custom sales quote go to

• Continuous testing allows you to test in every phase of the software lifecycle
• Offers fast and easy Integration to CI/CD tools with connectors
• Features automated API testing to eliminate the need for multiple tools
• Auto-generate test cases and scripts faster in the Black Box environment
• Use SenseTalk to create a variety of scripts

9. Tricentis qTest:

Unify, rapidly scale, and manage testing across the enterprise. Get a centralized interface to speed up your testing practices. Robust testing standards let you accelerate testing with the help of test cases. Tricentis helps to orchestrate manual, exploratory, and automated testing. Supports Agile, Waterfall, and DevOps workflows and syncs with Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub. Learn more at

• Continuous, codeless, and automated testing approach, driven by AI
• Perform end-to-end application testing – APIs to microservices
• Analytics and reporting capabilities to give high visibility from development to production
• Offers seamless integration with CI/CD tools
• Contact the sales team for a custom quote

10. Testsigma:

An enterprise-ready, unified, and customizable platform that lets you develop end-to-end tests for mobile, web, and APIs. Testers get to create reliable and stable scripts that can be deployed either locally or on the cloud. Access analytics and view real-time reports for each test. The inbuilt AI fixes scripts and throws suggestions for test failures. Starts at 0$/month, the pro version costs $349 /month, and the Enterprise version requires a custom quote. To learn more, visit

• Perform cross-browser, continuous, regression, and data-driven testing
• Test as a team and collaborate on projects without requiring any technical skills
• AI uses the regression results to showcase the affected test cases
• Get stable integrations with CI/CD tools such as Circle CI and Jenkins
• Scriptless automation tool test – no need to build an automation framework from scratch

11. TestComplete:

Get the best speed and agility with the AI-powered scriptless flexibility to test every desktop, mobile, and web application. Automate UI testing, create reusable and functional tests on physical or virtual devices. Plus, integrate with Git, Jira, Jenkins, and other tools in your ecosystem. Increase speed to delivery and make automation simpler to deliver the quality in time. Learn more at

• Fixed TestComplete Base costs $1,450 and TestComplete Pro costs $2,540
• Use add-ons to scale and test the most complex on-screen apps
• Use Analytics and reporting to get real-time information on the progress and status of tests
• Keyword-driven testing framework – create UI tests without any programming language
• Execute desktop, web, and mobile tests in parallel across multiple devices

12. LambdaTest:

LambdaTest lets you perform automated and exploratory tests across multiple browsers, operating systems, and real devices. Its cloud testing interface helps perform live, interactive, and automated cross-browser tests and execute them at hyper-speeds. Testers can even debug issues in live testing and integrate LambdaTest with Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, and more. To learn more, visit
• Perform screenshot, responsive, and geolocation testing
• Get to test Native, Hybrid, or Web apps on real devices
• HyperExecute lets you speed up releases and cut down on time-to-market
• Get to test on legacy and latest versions of all mobile and desktop browsers
• Numerous monthly and annual Manual, web automation, and native app Automation packages across. Contact sales for Enterprise pricing

13. IBM Engineering Test Management:

Plan, construct, manage, and execute a host of tests through the entire development lifecycle of your software. The tool supports multiple user roles, extensive collaboration, and a full-featured manual test editor. The tool increases the efficiency and quality of apps. Plus, it lets you create a comprehensive tailor-made test plan to define the scope and objectives for the test effort. Learn more about the tool
• An integrated test environment – run tests within the product and tests created in other tools
• Features a set of predefined advanced reports to get the status of a project
• Assign tasks and defects to other team members and view everyone’s status
• Define requirements, design models, implement, validate, and verify
• Contact the sales team for a custom quote

14. Apache JMeter:

An open-source software testing tool that is used to test the performance. You can simulate a heavy “peak-time” load on your servers. The full-featured IDE in this free-to-use tool, allows fast recording, building, and debugging. If that wasn’t it, Apache JMeter even allows Continuous Integration through Maven, Jenkins, and Gradle. To learn more about the tool, visit
• Easy to install and highly extensible tool offers unlimited load generation capacity
• Comes with test recording for browsers and native applications
• Ability to performance test many apps, servers, and protocol types
• A parallel sampling of different functions and concurrent sampling by many threads

15. Cucumber:

Cucumber is a behavior-driven testing tool that empowers your team, accelerates their performance, and boosts their time to finish building quality software. The frictionless collaboration abilities in Cucumber enable the entire team to read and refine specifications. The agile test management for automated tests offers every stakeholder holistic visibility into the testing activity and its results. Learn more at
• Run manual and automated tests for several browsers and platforms
• An easy-to-use editor to create and edit scenarios
• Integrate with tools like Bamboo, TravisCI, Jenkins, Shippable, and more
• View the entire life of your application’s features, from creation to release
• The Starter plan costs $28/Month while the Cloud plan costs $30.50/Month

Summing Up

The software development cycle requires a robust automated testing tool that can accelerate the entire chain of testing events and do so without missing any issue. Don’t opt for any software testing tool blindly. Pick one that streamlines every testing phase, empowers developers, and lets you create, run, and manage tests seamlessly. If you are having a hard time finalizing one, contact the team of experts at ISHIR.

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