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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera review: Big and beautiful

Technology in several parts of the world has experienced rapid development, starting from the development of internet technology and gadget technology. In several countries in the world, gadget companies always release the latest series of their products. The innovation and development of gadgets or smartphones always have their respective advantages. Buy iPhone 12 pro is the latest gadget from Apple company.

Since its release, the iPhone 2020 model that is considered to be the most popular is of course the iPhone 12 Pro max. This is also revealed by analytics firm Flurry, considering that this iPhone model carries the largest screen and battery, as well as the most complete camera features. However, nearing the end of the year, this prediction fell sharply. The reason is in the JP Morgan report quoted by Appleinsider, currently the waiting time, or the time it takes for iPhone models to arrive after being ordered, increases for the iPhone 12 Pro model. Buyers’ interest for the iPhone 12 pro is significant.

This indicates that the current best-selling iPhone is the iPhone 12 Pro, whose screen, battery and camera are one level below the iPhone 12 Pro Max. JP Morgan finally predicts that the iPhone 12 Pro will be the best-selling and stable 5G model until the iPhone 13 series arrives next year. For the 4G model, it seems that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will probably increase in popularity over time.

This phenomenon breaks the usual Apple tradition. The reason is, the most popular ‘Pro’ version of the iPhone every year is definitely the one with the biggest screen. We call it Pro, because users prefer cheaper variants like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. But in Apple’s tradition, usually the most popular are the ones with the widest range, such as the iPhone 6S Plus (2015), iPhone 7 Plus (2016), iPhone XS Max (2018), iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019).

From all existing reviews and data collected from several sources. So far, the iPhone 12 Pro has become one of the best-selling products from the Apple gadget giant and is in demand by gadget or smartphone lovers.

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