The Most Common Myths About Automated Parking

Barbie Espinol

Have you ever wished that your car could park itself? Well, as it turns out, it can! With the help of automated parking systems, cars can, in fact, park themselves. However, there are many misconceptions about this technology. Here we’ll discuss the most common myths about automated parking and why they aren’t true.

“It’s a New Technology”

The first common myth about automated parking systems is that they are a new technology; this sentiment is actually incorrect. While automated parking has certainly evolved over time and become more sophisticated and capable, the idea is one that’s been around for quite some time. The French built the very first version of an automated parking garage in Paris in 1905. In 1920, inventors came up with a paternoster automated parking system. Then, in the 1990s, modern automated parking systems began showing up all over the world. Therefore, this technology is not particularly new in its idea or conception, but it has had updates over time to evolve into the sophisticated technology we utilize today.

“It’s Not Safe”

Another misconception about automated parking systems is that they are not safe. While it is natural to be skeptical about the technology you are unfamiliar with, that does not mean it is unsafe to use. When you think about it, perhaps it’s actually far safer than trusting your car in a regular parking garage with other people driving around, leaving the opportunity for human error and recklessness to occur. Engineers designed these automated parking systems to have safety as a top priority and limit the potential for system errors or malfunctions. Once you see one of these systems in action, you will witness how automated parking garages are safer than normal garages

Debunking the Myths

It’s normal to feel hesitant about technological advances and automated systems that don’t necessarily need human interaction to work. But before you make assumptions and decide you’re uninterested in new technology, it’s important to experience it for yourself. When you are able to see firsthand the amazing capabilities and benefits of these systems, you can start to shed any feelings of fear or hesitation. This particular technology has been around for generations in one capacity or another and has elevated itself with time and advancements. Automated parking is an efficient, effective, and highly safe technology that can improve the world as we know it.

Now that you know the popular myths about automated parking systems, you can form your own educated opinion about this technology. When you look at the facts of the situation, it is likely that you will be able to see all the benefits that these systems can offer. 

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