What Are The Benefits of Managed Web Hosting For Startups?

Barbie Espinol
Top 6 Benefits of Managed Hosting Services For Every Business

Web hosting is one of the important parameters that are directly responsible for the online reputation and visibility of any business. This is especially true for startups because they are still in their development phase, and any problem showcasing their storefront online can negatively impact their business. At this juncture, having a reliable NZ web hosting service becomes indispensable. 

Among all types of web hosting services, shared web hosting services are more popular. But, they don’t offer enough control and customization options to the website owners. This is where managed web hosting comes into play. 

In this blog, we will discuss what managed web hosting is and how it can benefit small startups. We will also discuss the reasons why managed hosting is better than other types of Domain Hosting NZ

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What Are Managed Web Hosting Services?

Managed web hosting is a type of hosting that aims at making website management as simple and convenient for users as possible. Compared to other types of NZ hosting services, managed hosting doesn’t require one to be a technical expert. So, users can freely focus on their business without worrying about things like server administration, web security, backups, etc. 

In managed web hosting services, the provider is responsible for everything from software updates and server management to maintenance and so on. Simply put, managed web hosting companies allow you to focus on your business while they take care of your website management on your behalf. 

Benefits of Managed Web Hosting Services

  • Reduces Business Operations: 

If you manage a self-hosted site, you must monitor it constantly, and it includes a lot of tasks like software updates, administrative operations, and so on. But when you opt for a managed web hosting service, most of these issues will be handled by your service provider. 

  • Offers Better Hardware Configuration: 

Managed hosting providers offer better hardware configuration than other hosting services. As a result, you get better website speed, performance, and efficiency. 

  • Provides More Network Stability: 

The major problem with self-hosted sites is that they can run out of network anytime, impacting your critical business operations. But this is not the case with managed hosting, as the provider guarantees a seamless network that is responsible for reliable uptime. 

  • Reduced Cost and Improved Efficiency: 

While managed hosting may not be cheap hosting, it can reduce the operational cost of your business to a great extent. For starters,  your service provider is responsible for all the technical aspects of your site, so you don’t need to hire additional staff.

  • Increased Site Security: 

Reliable managed hosting providers aim at maintaining a highly secure environment. It means that they constantly monitor the servers to keep intruders at bay. Further, they also provide you with various advanced security solutions like anti-virus scanners and firewalls to increase the security of your site. 


The biggest advantage of managed web hosting for startups is the peace of mind it offers to business owners. It allows you to focus on your business operations without worrying about server maintenance, security, and updates. 

Besides, it is an excellent option for someone with little technical knowledge. So, if you want more control over your site without having to worry about server maintenance and security,  managed hosting is the best option for you. 

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