Why Making Money In Internet Marketing Boils Down To This One Simple Thing

Barbie Espinol

It’s funny.

When you read all the different ads and sales letters selling one Internet marketing program after another, they make it sound so easy and simple.

And the funny thing is, when you get beyond the hype and inflated claims, it really is easy and simple to make money on the Internet.

The only real thing people have a hard time with is consistently making money online.

By that I mean, a steady flow of money, sales and profits that grow exponentially over time, instead of one shot sales and flash-in-the-pan promotions that die on the vine within a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, the flash-in-the-pan Internet marketer is way more common than the guy who does it consistently and profitably.

What’s the difference between the two?


The first guy — who makes the money over a long period of time — has a passion for his product, his market and the marketing process itself.

While the other guy — who maybe makes a quick bundle of money once and then can’t seem to reproduce what he did to make that money again — lacks passion for the product, market and the marketing process.
This may sound almost elementary, but it’s true.

If you are only in this for the money, and if you don’t really love what you’re doing, your chances of long term success go down dramatically.

So if you are in Internet marketing in any way, shape or form, and if you aren’t making any money consistently, or any money at all, think long and hard about how much passion you have for what you’re doing — and for the marketing process.

It could make the difference between making little or no money, and making a lot of money quickly and easily.

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